60 Years of Committment

The company was founded in 1952 by Keith McConnel at Speedy’s Road, Horotiu. In 1955 Keith designed and manufactured the first SAM (Stokes and McConnel) hay bale loader. By 1958 the McCONNEL brand had been established in it's own right for hay bale loaders and elevators. 1963 saw expansion and a move to our current location in Te Rapa Road, Hamilton and K.H. McConnel Ltd was incorporated as a limited liability company.

The first McCONNEL backing gate drive was manufactured in 1967 and was quickly accepted by larger farms (over 100 cows) as essential for reducing milking time. Several models later, our gate drives are still evolving with farmers needs.

Manufacture of milk tank agitator motors commenced in 1989 when a stronger unit was needed to cope with the increased power requirement on the then new dome top vats.

The "Linear" backing gate was introduced in 2002 and "Guardian" backing gate controller in 2005.

Stability and Innovation

Our factory has been in the same location since 1963 and we have a slightly old fashioned committment to manufacturing our own products. While this is a challenge in its own right, it also gives us flexibility to better meet our customers needs.

Originally starting out as a steel fabrication business we now do our own aluminium die casting (since 1965), gear cutting (since 1967) and CNC machining (since 1991).

Over our history we have innovated in both our products and manufacturing methods. All while maintaining a firm committment to caring for our existing customers needs.