Backing Gate Drives - for circular holding yards

Backing Gate Drives - for circular holding yards

Proven "On Farm" Performance Backed by Reliable Service.

Backing Gate Drives - for circular holding yards

Often disguised under a thick coating of manure, McCONNEL gate drives continue to prove their worth on the majority of New Zealand dairy farms.

Backing gates in circular yards have the major advantage of mechanical simplicity and on farm, simplicity equates to reliability.

Cow flow through a circular yard is comparable to that obtained from a rectangular yard provided that:

1. The yard entry point is as close to 360 degrees from the exit to the dairy as possible.

This enables the cows to follow the arc of the yard from entry to exit without having to turn around in the yard.

2. The hock rail contacts the upper hock area of the cows.

Hock rail height is very important. If it is too low cows will have difficulty moving off the backing gate and foot and leg damage may be caused. Too high and cows will be able to hold up the backing gate making it ineffective.

3. The backing gate is used in relatively frequent short movements.

Cows at the front of the yard do not move as soon as the backing gate is turned on. It takes time for the pressure wave to move from the backing gate through the herd. It is important to allow time for the cows at the back of the yard to move off the gate. If they become over crowded they are unable to move forward and the cow movement will not flow to the front of the herd.

Our “Guardian” backing gate controller helps improve cow flow from the yard by allowing regular short backing gate movements and reducing variation in backing gate operation between staff.

Our gate drives continue to be improved and developed to meet the changing needs of today’s dairy farmers.

Backing Gate Drive Units (144kb)
6&8 Wheel New Model Benefits 2012 (49kb)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much water does a water powered gate drive use?
    Water usage depends on water pressure. At the maximum recommended operating pressure of 40psi, our water powered gate drives use about 90 litres of water per minute when the backing gate is running.

    40 psi water pressure at the gate drive produces the same power as an electric gate drive. We recommend that you aim for 40 psi when installing the gate drive and then reduce this to suit your way of using the backing gate.
  • How is the gate drive connected to the backing gate?
    All of our gate drives have a steel mounting plate or channel that is welded directly to the gate. This is 250 mm above ground level. The gate drive can be unbolted fron the steel mount for maintainance.

    We also recommend that the gate drive is positioned within 1 m of the moving end of the gate for the best combination of gate speed, reduced tyre wear and effective movement of cows.