Linear Backing Gate - for rectangular holding yards

Linear Backing Gate - for rectangular holding yards

A serious solution for farmers milking large numbers of cows through rectangular holding yards.

The design objectives behind our “Linear” backing gate are;
• Ensure the safety and health of cows in the yard.
• Improve milking efficiency and productivity through excellent flow of cows from the yard into the shed.
• Keep the long-term cost of ownership low through reliability, durability and maintainability of the whole backing gate system.

Linear Backing Gate - for rectangular holding yards

The holding yard is one place where moving cows are not supervised by staff. In the absence of this supervision we wanted our backing gate system to be robust enough to establish habitual cow movement but able to detect abnormal situations. When an abnormal situation occurs, the gate stops and displays the appropriate warning message on the operator station.

An unsafe backing gate can undo many other efforts to maintain the health of your cows.

Our Linear backing gate system aims to establish a virtuous cycle of good cow movement that is reinforced at each milking by consistent and safe backing gate movements, no matter who is milking. All without resorting to hot wires that only make your back row of cows become the backing gate.

The best confirmation that a backing gate system is working well is when the whole herd is calm and it looks like the backing gates are not really needed at all.

Our Linear backing gate system is a little more complex than other backing gates and we are aware that complexity without reliability is a recipe for disaster. Detailed design has been around ensuring our backing gates are well adapted to often unforgiving on farm conditions.

To be an asset, a backing gate system must save time and simplify on farm operations.

By achieving these goals, “Linear” backing gates provide value through performance and longevity rather than having the lowest initial purchase price.

Linear Backing Gate (168kb)