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Guardian Backing Gate Controller - Electric - Twin Gate

Sensor Options
Extra Control Options
Brake Motor Control Upgrade

Ever forget about your backing gate during milking or after milking?

Do staff overcrowd your cows with impatient backing gate use and gate movements that are too frequent or too long?

Does your backing gate have too much push?

Do you have lame cows and want a record of how often your backing gate is being overloaded? 

Our Guardian backing gate controller gives you the opportunity to take control of your backing gates and make them "think like you".

You determine how your backing gate behaves by settings things like how long it runs for, how much push it has, how fast it travels, and how frequently it can be moved.

Core Benefits:

  • Encourages consistent cow flow into the shed without stress.
  • Consistent cow flow reduces the temptation for milkers to walk into the yard to bring in cows.
  • Improved yard safety and foot health with backing gate load sensing and automatic stop on overload. 
  • Streamlines milking by saving time, reducing operator error and accidental overcrowding of cows in the yard.
  • Makes the backing gate behave more consistently no matter who is milking.
  • Minimises yard wash water consumption.
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Minimum installation cost


Number of Gates:

  • 1 Gate control
  • 2 Gate control

Auto Milking Trigger Switch:

  • Pull Switch (For Herringbone Sheds, pull rope supplied)
  • Trip Switch (For Rotary Sheds, counting bails to trigger gate movements)

Automatic Wash Control:

You can now control the water to your yard from your Guardian operator panel. No need to go to the pump to turn it on or off.

Wash water to the backing gate can be automatically turned on when the gate moves during milking or when washing up at the end of milking.

This can be overridden by turning the automatic wash on or off.

Auxiliary Control:

Milking can be more convenient if you get your electrician to wire up your wash pump, or yard mister, or anything else you want to this control. Enabling them to be remotely controlled from your Guardian operator station.

The auxiliary control:

  • Can be linked to the gate movements
  • Can be set to time out automatically so you won't forget to turn it off
  • Can be overridden by Manual control if required

Optional Sensors:

Sensor installations will provide you added safety for cows and convenience knowing a gate will be stopped at a certain location. It also enables some automatic movements for the gates, for example, the auto changeover function for a 2 gate system.

  • Shed Sensor (Auto stop at Shed entry)
    • Stops gate movements at end of milking and prevents two gates coming together at the centre post
  • Yard Sensor (Auto stop at Yard entry)
    • Gate stops at Yard entry, ready for next herd or milking

Brake Motor Upgrade:

The brake motor brings the motor to a rapid stop and locks the gate in that position. 

This lets the gates change over automatically without the need to chain the stationary gate to prevent it moving. If excessive load is applied to the stationary gate, it may still skid on the ground. 

If you wish to manually move the gate, the freewheeling clutch on your gate drive can still be used.

Other Features and Benefits:

  • Minimum wiring cost due to wireless (cable free) communication with gate drives 
  • Lower cost slip ring with only three circuits required 
  • Helpful interactive touch screen that can display helpful messages
  • Smart fault detection for help if something does go wrong
  • Automatic overload control to stop the backing gate if comes if unusual load.
  • Set the maximum pressure applied to cows by your backing gate
  • Timed automatic stop after each gate forward movement.
  • Sounder to alert cows and milkers that the backing gate is moving
  • Short reverse before forward movement to prevent cows resting on the backing gate
  • Adjustable gate speed control to optimise milking and yard washing
  • Automatic yard wash (option)
  • Automatic backing gate stop at shed entry or yard entry (options)


  • Will work with any 3 phase McConnel electric backing gate drive
  • Power input: 1 Phase, 230V AC, 10A max
  • 2 Gate full 360 deg. system requires a 3-circuit centre post electrical slip ring. We are working on one for release it in the near future
  • Solenoid water valve or pump starter needed for automatic wash control